Tuesday 6th October 2015

"Never say never..."So exciting things are starting to happen at OD HQ To keep up to date please follow us on Facebook


Wednesday 8th January 2014

* * * H A P P Y N E W Y E A R * * *Although all is currenly quiet on the OD-front both Heather and I continue to be as busy as ever. Keep up with our latest news and Don't miss the a January Sale about to take place in Heather's online store including the classic OD t-shirts.All the very best for 2014!!



Tuesday 4th September 2012



I am delighted to announce that joining us as support for all of our Heather Findlay Band tour dates in November will be brand new duo THE RAGGY ANNS featuring Rebbecca Robbins AKA Berri and Jacob Best! Check them out on Facebook.Also joining us for Newcastle, Bilston, Leicester and York will be ODIN DRAGONFLY featuring none other than Angela Gordon and myself! Tickets on sale NOW!!! Please visit: for all ticketing info on the shows listed below:

The Cluny, Newcastle - Tuesday 13th November

The Brook, Southampton - Wednesday 14th November

The Borderline, London - Thursday 15th November

The Brickmakers, Norwich - Friday 16th NovemberThe Robin, Bilston, Wolves - Tuesday 20th November

The Musician, Leicester - Wednesday 21st November

Fibbers, York - Friday 23rd November

Chris Johnson and myself are also out and about in September and October with the following support dates already in the diary:

Fibbers, York - Friday 21st September - supporting Anneke Van Giersbergen (The Gathering)

The Duchess, York - Thursday 27th September - supporting Jesca Hoop

The Duchess, York - Saturday 6th October - supporting The Zombies

Get your sofas hoovered! Other exciting news from Chris and I is that we'd like to put together a 'House Tour'. We have already had a few offers of making venues of peoples homes so if you like the sound of hosting one such show yourself and your house or indeed garden is big enough, (cosy is cool too) then please get in touch at: and we'll see if we can knock a route together!Bye Bye for now and see you on the road!!! ;) Love, H & Co xxx


Monday 14th November 2011

Offerings (Remastered) is now available from our shop!


Monday 31st October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Due to the original version being sold out and the unfortunate loss of the masters, Offerings (Remastered) will soon be available.This new version features the same tracks and artwork as the original.It will be available from the shop, amazon (seller:odindragonfly) and Heather's live shows.Watch this space for a release date...


Sunday 30th October 2011

Odin Dragonfly on Facebook!


Wednesday 26th October 2011

For information on Heather's forthcoming tour visit her on Facebook


Tuesday 26th April 2011

Dear FriendsAlthough this site hasn't been updated for some time that doesn't mean we haven't been busy... Check out Heather's website for E.P. and live news.

Congratulations on the release of The Pheonix Suite!

The Angela Gordon Web Portal has updated links to some of our family and friend's projects, musical and more. Please check them out.Best wishes.



Wednesday 20th January 2010

A very important announcement from the Mostly Autumn website...


Dear friends of Mostly Autumn,Although it breaks my heart, I am here to tell you that I have decided to step out of the Mostly Autumn fold. Life within the Mostly Autumn embrace has offered me the opportunity to explore myriad other avenues of creativity over the years alongside my role within the band. Not least the ultimate experience in creativity for me - becoming a Mother. I am sometimes baffled at the realisation that here I am with my 15 month old son, Harlan - without a doubt, through the toughest trials of bringing a healthy little baby boy into the world of toddling and early boyhood already, whilst still presenting myself to you as a performer of the stage and record. At times, I too had my doubts! But whilst thinking, ‘’Why not? Why cannot two dreams co-exist hand in hand?’’, a long pondered upon challenge presented itself to me to which, I rose and fulfilled. Of this I am very proud. For not even one moment of executing which did I feel that Harlan had slipped rank from my number one spot. Nor do I feel that my performance within Mostly Autumn faltered. On the contrary in fact, I believe the fire within me, the one which ignites zeal, fuels creativity and makes dreams prosper, burned even brighter.‘’So... maybe it’s time? Maybe the next challenge is to branch out?’’Over years gone by the one major thing for me, that has been left unattended on the back burner has been to branch out as a solo performer. It was never something I had even imagined to be an all encompassing venture. ‘’It’ll be fine. I’ll just fit it in around everything else’’ I thought. ‘’After all, amongst dabbling as an illustrator; forming a duo with Angela and having guested with numerous other bands and artists; I’ve lived in another country; I’ve travelled, I’ve become a Mum... Yeah, I can do this!’’ - Another year passes by, and another one... That is until I brought that very prospect to the fore and gave it a stir. Or should I say, until it brought itself there! Niggling away, increasingly over the last few years it is fair to say that never has the pull been stronger towards this very day.You see, Heather Findlay is now Heather Findlay-Loftus. One unit of which = Heather Findlay + Ian + Harlan. At this point in time I can’t see a formula that allows Mostly Autumn to be part of the HF equation. Not only for my own sake but for the sake of Mostly Autumn as well, which as you know requires 110% dedication.So, for now at least, I just cannot imagine having the time and energy it would take to tame and tailor the passion I have to pour into my own musical ventures alongside co-nurturing Mostly Autumn and giving to it all the love, care and attention that it so richly deserves. The timing I feel is right. I have not yet become involved in the new Mostly Autumn record and there are no shows imminently pending. It is a new year and a new decade to boot. Although there are flutters of excitement, it is not without wistfulness, sorrow and indeed a certain amount of trepidation that I hereby step out alone to follow my own dreams. Mostly Autumn has been my life for over 13 years now. It is a warm blanket of security. It is unlike any other band I have worked with. It is a family. It emanates a certain magic that pulls you in. For life, I imagine... I can only hope to succeed in capturing some of that magic to take with me. Even a fraction of which I know, will go a very long way...Mostly Autumn – Bryan’s dream - will always remain a very special part of me and I wish for every success to befall it in times to come.I have made some wonderful memories and shared some of the best times of my life so far with Mostly Autumn and its’ members both past and present. Many of which have become and I hope will remain some of my closest friends.You too are part of that family. You already know that none of it is possible without your presence and support. I wish to thank you for being there throughout. I wish for you the happiest of times ahead on your journey with Mostly Autumn and I hereby invite you along with me to embark upon the Heather Findlay journey which starts here.I am underway creating an album which I will be putting out this year.It will be a ‘full band’ project – the exact line up of musicians for which is still to be decided upon but, as soon as there is news I’ll make sure it reaches you. There are one or two other projects bubbling away also, about which I will be regularly updating you as and when I am at liberty to do so.You can keep tabs on me by joining my emailing list. To do so please drop me a line on whereby all news updates and info will reach you first.Please visit my website to check in on album progress and general news updates (if not yet live - it is coming soon). I hope to make this a multi-media experience by way of video and photo diary updates and audio samples as and when they arrive.At the moment the site is still in the embryonic stages of construction but, will be developing fast.For now I bid you a very fond farewell.Into the unknown I go...

With love and very best of wishes to you all,

Heather Findlay x



Join me in wishing Heather all the very best for her future endeavours!ax


Tuesday 17th March 2009

Heather's Artwork Now available - a note from HeatherPrints of my artwork are now available - A project you can be forgiven for thinking had fallen by the wayside! I wish to launch the project by offering a signed and numbered limited edition of each print.All 11 of which on offer are featured below in a downloadable PDF catalogue. For those without download access, a catalogue may be requested by post. Each image is strictly limited to 200 copies and will be individually and personally hand titled, numbered and signed by myself. Orders will be dispatched on a first come first served basis. For example order number 6 of print ‘X ‘will receive print ‘X’ no.006/200 and so on. I have gratefully accepted the offer of dear friend and colleague Jerry Bloom of Wymer UK, (the publishers and distributors of Autumn Leaves, the Official Mostly Autumn magazine) to take the reins for me on this on so, all enquiries along with sales and distribution of my artwork will now be directly handled by the (curly) man himself. You will be able to make any purchases online at Wymer UK's online store at or if you prefer to make cheque payments, these should be made payable to Wymer UK and sent toPO Box 155BedfordEnglandMK40 2YXYou can also order with a credit or debit card (except American Express) by calling Wymer UK on 01234 326691 or would like to say a big thank you to you all for all your support, encouragement and patience in getting this project under way. Those of you who signed up for the mailing list should have by now already been informed of the launch however we have experienced a number of signees whose email bounced so if you know you signed up and have not received an email then please do drop us a line again for information or to be added to the mailing list again.

Wishing you all the very best for 2009,

Heather x


Keep up to date with the latest news fromHeather and Mostly Autumn here and Angela Gordon here.


Saturday 2nd August 2008

One year since the release of Offerings!

After many requests from those who have downloaded the album we are happy to bring you the beautiful Offerings artwork here.

The file is a zipped folder of jpegs, ideal for mp3 players, screensavers or compiling your own CD booklet and cover. It includes the pages of the booklet, the inlays and the disk label.For more information on Richard Nagy and his amazing album-art visit his MySpace.Friday 25th July 2008!!!Odin Dragonfly on Classic Rock Magazine cover CD!!!We are really happy to share the opening track of Offerings, Web, with Classic Rock Mag's huge readership. We're in great company; Mostly Autumn, Breathing Space and Panic Room also feature on the CD!Tuesday 29th April 2008Interview with Angela on Catch up with Heather's latest and exciting Mostly Autumn news


Friday 25th January 2008

Heather is to release Mostly Autumn artwork related illustrations. Prints to be issued include 'Mother Nature', Heroes Never Die', 'Eyes Of The Forest', 'Which Wood?' and 'Shrinking Violet'. To receive a free PDF catalogue or to join her emailing-list please email you to all those who have sent greetings and well wishes to our new arrival, Scarlett Lily Joan Gordon.


Friday 21st December 2007

Seasons Greetings and best wishes for 2008!

Heather & Angela


Monday 26th November 2007

Looking for that special, one-off Christmas gift? How about a signed copy of Offerings with a personal message? As this is the season of giving we will donate £2 from every order to our favourite charity, The Rainbow Trust Check out our shop for details... Thursday 18th October 2007 As well as being available from our shop 'Offerings' is now available to download from Friday 14th September 2007'Offerings' gets 7/10 review in Classic Rock magazine! Monday 3rd September 2007Thanks again to all those who supported our recent live shows.Special thanks to those of you who supported our Charity Artwork Ebay Auction in aid of The Rainbow Trust - your generous bidding raised a fantastic £370.50!!!


Friday 3rd August 2007

Hello and welcome to the new Odin Dragonfly website. We are delighted to announce that our debut album, 'Offerings' is now available here!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the album.

Best wishes

Heather & Angela

Odin Dragonfly